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Explosive Duo: “ÇA VA PETER”

An Explosive circus show. A slightly eccentric couple arrives on stage with a common goal: to pop as many balloons as possible! They will test their circus techniques and their great creativity to achieve their goal as surprisingly as possible. Two diametrically opposed personalities unite to spend an extraordinary moment with their spectators. Based on the present moment and in constant interaction with the public, this show will take your breath away!

Technical sheet : This show was created to be played in the street and to be presented without any very specific technical needs. Scenic area: 6m long, 6m wide, 6m high Ground: horizontal without stones or pebbles, preferably circular space and up to the public (no podium) Duration: Preparation :15 minutes Show :30 minutes Disassembly ;15 minutes Sound: We take care of the sound technique and can bring our amplifiers (and batteries) if necessary Show : All ages