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Circo a la Maleta

Angelo Burgos and Laureline Dubois met in Brussels in 2010 thanks to circus activities and have ever separated since seeking continuously to get better! Their couple is a surprising union! Laureline is tall with long blond hair and sky blue eyes coming from Northern Europe (Belgium) and Angelo is short, dark originating from South America (Chili).


Graduate in 2016 at ESAC (Superior Circus Arts School) in Brussels. ( Born on the 29th of September in 1989 in Tournai (Belgium) Laureline discovered the circus & its extraordinary world at the age of 6 when taking trapeze lessons. She started to juggle at the age of 15. After a training course as circus teacher for children she studied psychology at the university for 3 years. Even if she passed successfully she decided to reorientate her studies. So in 2013, she started at the Superior Circus Art School in Brussels (ESAC) as juggler. She deepened her research always inspired by the body and the illusion it can create with it. Furthermore she took additional courses in acrobatics and theather in Brussels and Santiago. In 2016 with 2 two other students ​she founded their company called KI


Graduate at “Circo del Mundo”, chile. Born October 11, 1982 in Santiago, Chile . He began juggling at age 15. In 2000 He enter the circus school " Circo del mundo Chile " where he specialized in juggling and acrobatics. Until 2009 , he also followed an intensive gymnastics at " Estadio Chile italiano ". Since 2010 , the year he arrived in Europe, he trains as an artist professional in the “espace catastrophe”in Brussels. He was present in various shows like : "Ekun a grito de America" ( Circo del Mundo ) with which he participated in various festival in South America. In 2007, he created his first street show "A la suerte de la olla " with two other artists. He began a European tour with them in 2010. He knows that since the street is the best stage for him. He has is solo show: