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Miss Belgique

Miss Belgium must prove that she is up to the title she just won. For this, she reveals all her hidden talents. She surprises herself, she surprises you. Carried away by its momentum. Gradually loseing her composure and patience untill finally her true self begins to be shown. By this time she will become more than a well made, pretty in heels , crown on the head pageant winner.
Her fantasy and talent reveals that in the depths of her guts, she is worth more than the woman locked in a perfect image behind a TV screen.
Her specialities : juggling, balance, ridiculous risk and positive psychology

Technical sheet :
This show was created to be played in the street and to be presented without any very specific technical needs.
Scenic area: 6m long, 6m wide, 6m high
Ground: flat without stones or pebbles, preferably circular space and up to the public (no podium)
Preparation : 5 minutes
Show 20 minutes
Disassembling 10 minutes
Sound: Can bring amplifiers (and batteries) if needed
Show all public, no language barrier
Technique: juggling, balance, ridiculous risk and positive psychology