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The different circus comedy routines are often asked for variety programs or differents events. We have various short act with juggling, fitness ball or unicycle in duo or solo. We can adapt some acts for the audience or the place. Just tell us what you need!

Video Contraste:



“30 minutes of laugh and surprise! Magnetics clubs, huge bouncing balls, unicycle giraffe and two artists with complete opposite personalities! Their unique goal is to have a joyful moment with the hearing through interactions! A breathtaking show is what they are happy to propose – one you will never forget!”


This street show can be presented inside or outside without specific requirements. If needed the artists can bring their own portable sound system on batteries (no need of electricity)

For all public and all cultures (no language barriers)

Space: 6m X 6m
Height : Minimum 5m
Flat & regular floor (no stones, …)
Duration : 30 minutes