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Angelo Burgos and Laureline Dubois met in Brussels in 2010 thanks to circus activities and have ever separated since seeking continuously to get better!

Their couple is a surprising union! Laureline is tall with long blond hair and sky blue eyes coming from Northern Europe (Belgium) and Angelo is short, dark originating from South America (Chili).

Since 2012, this quite unusual duo travel the world leaving behind the fantasy and the magic of their shows spreading smiles around everywhere they go…

“As circus artists, it is essential to us to value the street. We can transform the public space into a show for everyone.  Choosing a place, installing our equipment and creating a quick and fancy show to bring some fun to the people of the city! In the street everyone is invited to the show, without any social or racial distinction. A show for all! All together for a couple of unforgettable minutes is what we fight for!”